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    T3 Recovery Products

    The T3 Original Recovery Mattress speeds the body’s natural healing process, reduces soreness and increases comfort, leading to better performance and less fatigue during activities, increased stamina, faster healing and recovery... in short, a more active lifestyle.

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    The Inspire collection features Cellitex™

    Cellitex™ is premium 100% latex – with Celliant fibers to help your body recover faster while you sleep. The Inspire collection also features individually wrapped coils – so you can have customized support that matches your body.

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    The Lux collection features Tellalux™

    Tellalux™ is literally a field of latex pillows - with Celliant fibers to help your body recover faster while you sleep. The Lux collection is where technology meets comfort so you can recover in luxury!

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    Ironman® Sleep Technology

    T3 Recovery Products has designed two unique mattresses, each featuring proprietary Ironman® Sleep Technology and Tension Relief Performance Fabric that are made specifically for kids. From cradle to college, the Ironkids® Collection is designed to meet the recovery needs of todays active children.




T3 Recovery Mattress™ With IRONMAN® Sleep Technology Recovery For The Human Race

T3 Recovery Mattresses are advanced sleep systems that feature Ironman® Sleep Technology. Ironman® Sleep Technology was scientifically designed and crafted by T3™ for today’s elite athletes. Now, this advanced technology is available to anyone who wants to recover better at night! The T3 Recovery Mattress™ utilizes Celliant™, which is a trade secret material added to fibers of the mattress cover. Celliant™ is clinically proven to increase oxygen levels in the body up to 15% during sleep. Celliant™ is in the cover of all T3 Recovery Mattresses, AND in the premium latex of all T3 Recovery Mattresses. When this one-two punch is combined with a 5 zone design, you have a complete sleep system designed to deliver unparalleled recovery every night! Increased oxygen levels in the body helps naturally boost body recovery and creates the optimal environment to help you feel better and reduce pain. When this science is applied to a mattress your body will maximize the hours spent sleeping with faster recovery. The benefit of becoming fully rested is to have more confidence taking on daily tasks with greater mental alertness and energy.


100% latex foam in the mattress that is infused with Celliant™ technology. Muscular relief and temperature balancing further enhances the effect of recovery from the mattress. The effect of Cellitex™ is two fold because if your body is more hot or more cold it will balance your temperature closer to the temperature of the room not the heat that your body generates. T3™ designed Cellitex™ to diminish temperature swings that often disrupt deep sleep patterns.


100% latex foam... but it is crafted into a field of pillows that are infused with Celliant™ technology! In addition to the well known benefits of sleeping with Celliant technology, you can recover on luxurious 100% latex pillows. Tellalux™ is a three inch thick piece of ultra-premium latex that is sculpted into pressure-relieving pillows that gently support your body's natural curves. When sleeping on this 'pillow latex' that is infused with Celliant™ you can recover in luxury!

5 Zone Pressure Point Relief System

complements the entire T3 Recovery Mattress™. Specifically targeting problem areas of the body, our system is designed to eliminate muscular stress, aches, and pains - enhancing proper spinal alignment. Scientifically designed for optimal circulation within the body during nighttime recovery. The above mentioned technologies apply to all T3 Recovery Mattresses - the T3 Original, Inspire, and Lux collections. IronKids mattresses feature their own, alternative, Ironman® Sleep Technology. They utilize Tension Relief fibers. These fibers use ultra-fine, multifilimant carbon fiber threads wrapped in a protective nylon envelope. These fibers speed the natural dissipation of excessive and stressful static electricity... helping agitated sleepers calm down and recover more at night.